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Juicy Pear Pattern Cover  

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Juicy Pear Tea Cosy - Low resolution PDF (343kb)
Juicy Pear Tea Cosy - High resolution PDF (1980kb)

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The book includes ten patterns: strawberry, cupcake, elephant, plum pudding, santa hat, apple, pineapple, pear, granny square and beehive. All come in 4 cup size, with most patterns also including a variation for 2 cup sized teapots.

Tea Cosies


  Biddy Bags is a boutique social enterprise connecting socially isolated nannas and mature-aged ladies through craft, economic participation and social networking. Biddy Bags designs and manufactures unique handcrafted products and appreciates and values the skills of mature-aged women, challenging the idea that the older you get the less you have to contribute to society. Biddy Bags is inter-generational, combining contemporary fresh ideas of young women and the skills and crafting abilities of older women - to create our designs.  
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